Hey guys -

    Ced came down from WCS to spend a few days in the Sierras and meet the guys behind Moment face to face. While in town we took a journey with KC Deane over to the jib hill Kingvale to get some runs in behind the upcoming trip to Bachelor. If you are in the Reno/Tahoe area, check this place out.

Here's lookin at you NS (from the day before)

    Ced and KC started hitting the trademark Kingvale box, pressing it out amidst the springtime sierra slush. Throughout the day we met other fellow skiers and shot some pictures of them as well.


KC loves to nose press boxes...

Look at this piece of ass

Crushing it and almost taking out the photographer

KC Pressing out the Rockers

Ced diddnt want to get his hands dirty...

Martin didn't care and showed everyone



CTF getting some pretzel action done on the barrel

male model KC Deane is happy to be on Rockers

    After taking laps for an hour or two, Brit and Justin showed up to sess the features. Brit began working on both 270's out, sticking downhill and making great progression on her uphill two sevs off. KC and Ced continued to dominate the park, both throwing 450's off the flat bar and Ced doing more pretzel variations than i've ever seen in one afternoon. Justin Anderson came up to take some turns as well.

B Dub


Ced setting up for a spin

Bentley Atteberry from DOS Media

This kid was killing it with uber stylish tricks all day long

Justin was killing it from the second he got to Kingvale

KC's first day in jeans on skis

Blue Steel


    Check back the middle of next week - Moment heads to Oregon!