My Mt. Hood Summer is over, so I gotta spend my time doing something.  I am not in New Zealand, so why not enjoy the 100+ degree weather that Washington has been getting.  Who said you need to live in Phoenix to get the hot weather and warm water, well I guess you do if you want that every day of the year, but If you like cold winters and warm summers the NW is the shiz. 


Probably my favorite part of summer right here
The Lake before the dam does its work in May
Steal girder style
Kabee, barking at waves and loving the water
My girlfriends dog Kabee is a water lover


I have been doing a lot of Wakeboarding and will do a sick post when I get all the photos of me waking it up.  I got reall close on a backflip, I wish I woulda landed it, but I probably will next summer.  I gotta get a boat which is like 30000 dollars, oh yea thanks for the towing around the lake Uncle and Grandpa!