With the release of our debut line of hoodies we wanted to do more and give more perspective, show what it’s actually like from initial first handle from team members, all the way to producing a look book for the fall line. Any time within the past 5 years we could have bought a wholesale grip of hoodies and simply laid a screen print down across the front and called it good but we wanted more. Through many up’s and downs we have produced a line we are proud of, that includes all of the fine cut and sew details and fit you have come to expect from Saga Outerwear, we are finally ready. I’m really glad it has come this far and we held out until now, it was worth the wait not only for us but for every customer that receives one in the mail. Look for the photo looks to drop later this week, until then we present “The Lace Up” a visual perspective into the release of our debut line of zips, crews and pull overs. Shipping October 15th, 210.

Austin gets close with the 50mm during the filming of the edit.
Focus on the finer things.
Stay tuned for the photographed looks, soon…real soon. Thank you Erik Seo.

Saga Outerwear- The Lace Up from Saga outerwear on Vimeo.

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