Ahmet Dadali, Giray Dadali, & Jaron Stadler, all members of LaFa, came into the forums for another round of NS member Q&As. There were a great round of questions this week and the boys laid out some real answers.

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Giray, what made you switch your focus from mainly park to mainly all/big mountain? -K-Dot.

Giray: I still love to ski the park, but park is just practice to get tricks dialed for urban and for the backcountry. I've always thrived on trying to jump off cliffs and "pow" jumps in the east but we didnt have much of it growing up. I've been trying to become a more solid skier to get ready for what i think the evolution of freeskiing is. the mountain is always changing and pushing you as a skier. Park, on a competitive level, seems to just be how many flips and spins can we do in this predetermined course that has been given limitations to creativity and a skiers own personal element. The mountain, and urban, is still unbounded and truly embodies freeskiing. I wish i could do more urban, but i think i have to move back to the east or midwest for that!

To Giray, how do i get my own bromodel?

To Lafa (or ahmet and giray), do you guys plan on coming back to NY/the east coast time soon because if so I totally wanna shred with you guys. -Aidin954

Giray: A bromodel is a tough thing to do. You have to give up on your own personal ambitions,quit pushing your name, and create something so ludicrous that J says "this might just work". I was given the chance to have any graphic and my name on the ski. But in actuality, i had no choice. My name is ahmets brother. And the graphic... the graphic is an "in your face" to some people with nice titles in media telling me my LAFA segment is inappropriate. This is freeskiing, and I tried to embody that renegade mentality of when we said fuck aerials, fuck fis, and fuck moguls, we wanna do hoodrat shit with our friends, obviously by putting vintage ski babes and masked men on a ski.. it's art. get it?

and may come back east, who knows! Gotta get down on my knees more i guess to get some money to go film out there

How did Flip the script start? -joriza.ski

Ahmet: It all started with wanting to put out more than one segment a year. The previous year I filmed my Level 1 segment in a total of 3 weeks, so I figured it would be possible for me to make 3 segments, and since I'd have complete control I could put em out throughout the year to keep people stoked through the season. Proposed it to my sponsors all summer and they bit the hook. Couldn't be more stoked. I changed up what I have been doing my whole ski career hence the name "Flip The Script".

You guys ever gonna do another tour/ hold an event at cannonsburg again? -Daski

Ahmet: I'd personally love to, and I think everyone else at La Fa would as well, unfortunately money becomes an issue, so with more support going to La Fa through the buying of our products, the more we'll be able to hold tours like the one in Cannonsburg, and add in a few more twists. Gotta make that paper first though

Going for gold was sick, we gonna see any more movies with the whole lafa crew in the future? -Mew.

No doubt, This year has kind of been a little unplanned and hectic but we will still be coming out with a movie, and hoping next year to put out something bigger and better. Real glad you liked Going For Gold though!

What was the most frustrating to get urban shot from this season? What kept you motivated to get it? -john18061806

Ahmet: I would say that 5 kink Elbow thats in Street Disciple. Jaron and I broth kept getting mad close but the last flat was such a bitch to lean into, and was also broken so a little sketchy. We shot it kind of late the night before so light was constantly getting worse and worse, towards the end I ended up getting it and the camera fucked up and didn't get the shot, Thats about the worse feeling after hours of hitting something. However turned out to be a blessing in disguise, we came back the next day and go it in good light and slid it way smoother.

Do you prefer urban or back country? Will Ahmet do a split edit with Giray soon? -kim_jong_ill

Ahmet: They both have so much room for creativity and both mad fun, Back country for me is way less on the body, so thats kinda nice, N no face shots in the streets for the most part. But shit both are Ill. N This upcoming year we will have an edit I'm sure

What do you think of all these people pushing Triples and Quads? -Mr.Bishop

Ahmet: Trampoline tricks

Seeing how Ahmet's a really outspoken guy and has spoke his mind on numerous issues arising in the skiing world namely comps and the contest state of mind, I'd be really curious to see what you think of the lack of progression in women's skiing and how you think it can be fixed. --emile-

Ahmet: I actually am beginning to think the contrary, womens skiing is getting better and better at least in the park They are starting to kill rails, getting way more style on jumps, and linking together some good slope runs, Not all but some are at least. The pipe however is a different story. To fix this, Maybe they can watch Sarah Burkes video segments from years ago and realize what they are doing now is mostly degression. I also think a lot of women halfpipe skiers need to ski more outside the pipe, that may help form some better edge control and stronger legs?

I'd also like to see more chicks get together N hit some streets/backcountry jumps, Women Snowboarding is far far ahead in that aspect and I actually enjoy watching them shred in their segments, its sad the same can't be said in women skiing yet.

Ahmet- Is there a a big difference between filming with Level 1 and La fa? If so what do you prefer and what stands out for you between your "crew" and a film company? -ScottB

Ahmet: I'm loving filming with La Fa homies, its a whole different thing we are not exactly a production company. Just a bunch of homies who got some cameras and put someone behind it, The filmer is learning along with us and we are bringing it to everyone for free. There is really no budget for La Fa other than some money from Tall T Productions from the Collab shirts we sold with them. Which we are mad stoked on! But I take my budget for FTS and put it towards our movie. Its really different, we want to keep La Fa a small group, just La Familia.

Ahmet- What shot from any of the flip the script videos are you most proud of and tell us about that spot and the story of getting the shot. Do you think that lip on blind 2 is the only trick in the world? -TallxT

Ahmet: Hard question to pick out one trick, I think I'm more just proud of everything coming together as a whole. I put in a lot of work on these things to make em happen, I'm just happy when I'm done with them and its mostly positive feedback from all of you and seeing what you guys liked the most in it

Ahmet - How many teeth have you lost and replaced? Will you ever go to the candy store and make yourself a grill? -steezeninja

5 teeth. And thats a possible solution for the future.

To Jaron Stadler; What are the main difficulties with being one of (if not the) only Mexican ski athletes? Do you feel like your Chicano heritage shines through in your personal ski style? -HOTPOSSIE

Jaron: AHhahaha! Im NEW MEXICAN!! But I do think growng up in new mex made me who I am, and a lil vato swag never hurt.

Jaron - why dont u never wear ur pole straps like god intended you to do? -PeteyWykes

Jaron: Wait??those are straps?I thought it was just cool flair..Why would I want those death traps stuck to me?Honestly I have hardly used poles all year.Might poke an eye out..