Thanks again to all you riders for coming out and making this competition fun for all of us.

We were stoked at the number of skiers that showed up! Havn't had that type of turn out in years. Not only that but the level of skiing you guys were all at.


Pro: 1st: Coby Trudell

       2nd: Kohl Schoening

       3rd: Anders Fornelius

Here is a video of what went down for the skier side of things:

Quarter Pipe Fiesta from Kevin Chen on Vimeo.

Thanks again to all of you who showed up and were looking forward to the next comp!

Also here is a summary of the park from Brian (head honcho of the park)

So from the top of the park the layout is as follows:

Large Line: Large table, Large table, Large table, Large table, Large table,

Large Hip

Medium Line: Medium Table, Roller Table, Up Rail, Flat down Rail, S- Rail

Small Line: Small Table, Small Table, Small Hip, Battleship Box, Small Hip,

Small Hip, Small Hip, Small Table, Small Table, Small Table

Upper Park Rails, Street Style Down, Flat Up Flat Down Flat Box, Down Rail,

Step Up Rail, Rainbow Rail, Flat Down Box.

Proline: Waterfall Table , Jrs Table , Junks Step Down, Top Phlight Table. Be

aware that these tables are really big and the whole run across is the landing.


The half pipe is cut and looking great and I hope to see you out there!

 Keep it real, keep it safe, but above all keep it Top Phlight!

Later NS!