While the skiing is what brings me to Argentina, there is so much more that keeps me coming back. The other day, my group of lady campers decided it would be fun to catch the bus to town for some adventuring in la central.

The Cathedral in Bariloche stands alone by the lake. While I took a side excursion to meet up with my brother, he brought me inside to check out some of the amazingly detailed stained glass art.

The inside was quiet and because of the multiple leaks in the roof you could hear the pitter patter of water drops seeping through the cracks and splashing on the floor. I love the sound of rain. The water drops added to the ambiance of the church.

One of my favorite things to do in town is walking through the flea markets. This year the only times I've been to town it's been raining so the indoor heated flea markets are a welcomed break.

There are tons of fun souvenirs, little trinkets, jewelry, and artistic toys. The artisans themselves are always excited to share their work and it's a great time to practice spanish.

I love these little trolls. You see them everywhere made out of different materials. This one is made out of a walnut shell and clay.

While I think the trolls are adorable...I also like functional things like these wooden spoons.

The fairies aren't really my style, but the colorful collection of little flying dolls definitely got my attention.

Aside from skiing, my second favorite thing to do while in Argentina is eat. Empenadas are my weak spot and I can rarely resist them. My goal this year is to cook them at home when I get back. They are so delicious!

And you can't beat the chocolate here. Super cheap, tasty, and creative pieces of chocolate and sweets. My mom would love it!

I personally don't have a sweet tooth, but if you did how could you resist these cupcakes? I'd rather grab a fresh squeezed OJ. Argentines tend to drink tang as a replacement for orange juice since it's so expensive down here, but every once in a while treating yourself to a fresh squeezed orange juice is so satisfying.