You may have already seen the news in the forums or on the 'gram but as of a couple of days ago LSM has made the switch from ON3P to Line Skis. He'll be joining fellow Bunch member and compatriot Peyben, along with a stacked team including friend Dylan Siggers.

We reached out to find out more, and Lucas says it was simply "about time for a reset". Having been with ON3P for a long time and he wanted to try something new and feels that the weird side of Line is a great fit for him. Line have "so many fun skis I want to try," he continues. "And of course, I'm really hyped to bend some Blends and carve some Blades with my man Peyben this year!"

This winter continues to be an unpredictable one, so Lucas has "a maximum fun and no fucks given kinda season" planned. "It's hard to make travel plans right now so I think it will be a lot of local shred, making little edits and clips and such," he tells me, and his new ski sponsor is all about exactly that. One potential thing in the works? "There are 'rumors' about Peyben in the Park 3 feat yours truly."