I`m lost,you are lost,everbody is lost. the whole human race is lost.

Actually i think that all animals are lost as well,they just don`t care. If your life started inside a stomach or an egg and then one day you wake up on a planet,in a universe that never ends you will be lost forever.

Every time you think or fell anything,you get lost. Sometimes a lot.

When you fall in love you get lost,or is it when you fall out of loveyou get lost? It`s up to you,you are lost anyway.

Some people fell lost in dirffent situations,in a big city,in a small town or maybe the morning after a heavy night.

If you wake up and the first thing you see is a face you don`t remember,or if you wake up and hear a voice you never heard before,you definitely fell lost.

Before you wake up you maybe had a dream. Maybe a crazy dream in which you were in the dream you didn`t fell lost,cause you never fell lost when you dream.