LOON MOUNTAINS HIKE AND HUCK SET FOR MAY 10(Lincoln, NH)  Attention all Skies and Urchins looking to hike, huck and earn a buck, Loon Mountains annual Hike and Huck contest will be held on Saturday, May 10th. Thanks to the snow scholarship Mother Nature awarded Loon this season, the park staff has copious amounts of snow to make some perfectly-sculpted booters for you to show off your fanciest aerial maneuvers and compete for the CASH PRIZE. For those who experience Acrophobia, there will also be an hour-long rail session following the contest, but not before a Board-B-Q at the new Shaping Shack. Just remember, this contest is not for the weak-hearted, and if youve been hanging out in the Burton Progression Park or Little Sister all winter, this is not the contest for you.Registering for the contest is quite easy, and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in the Octagon Lodge. Be sure to please your parents extra nicely that week otherwise youll be collecting cans and couch mining for the thirty dollar ($30) entrance fee.  For those of you under 18, youll need to drag Mom or Pop out of bed and bring them along to sign your release forms.  The contest starts at 10 a.m., so get some extra sleep. And dont forget your water bottle because this event is going to be another hot one!