Our new movie LONG DAYS is now live on Red Bull TV: https://win.gs/Longdays

From dawn to dusk, a film crew chased storms from Austria to Montenegro, exploring familiar territory and venturing into the unknown.

We had a lot of fun making this film and wanted to show a little more than just ski porn. We called this film a 'real time' ski movie... it's all shot in 25fps and each rider had their own audio channel throughout which gives an incredible insight. Opting out of the slow motion was of course a hard decision because ultimately shit does sometimes look better in mega mo but as director, Fabi Hyden said, if the action is good and big enough you don't need it!

We'd like to thank all the riders, filmers, photographers and everyone else who helped out in creating this movie for all their hard work. Long days, pleasant nights.

Photo credit Syo van Vliet

Featuring: Arianna Tricomi, Fabian Lentsch, Tom Ritsch, Paddy Graham, Ahmet Dadali, Coline Ballet-Baz, Dennis Ranalter, Konstantin Ottner & Daniel Bacher

Directed by Fabi Hyden

Principle cinematography Fabi Hyden & Raphael Pöham

Additional filming: Julian Pintarelli, Alex Meliss, Markus Ascher, Torge Nagel, Mathias Leitner, Valentin Walther & Tobias Reindl

Photography by: Pally Learmond, Syo van Vliet & Florian Breitenberger

Artwork: Jono Wood

Supported by: Marker, Völkl & The North Face