October 13th

Another Utah Powder Playground!

We hiked up a ways until we found two flat rails…

So we decided to make a flat gap down.


Above: Joss Christensen before he pulls a downhill switch up out of his bag of tricks.

After sessioning the flat down, we found this clearing filled with un-setup rails everywhere. With the help of McRae Williams, and Dakota Schlag, we created this down flat -down flat down. It was by far the most fun rail of the season so far.

Joss C testing his nose press skills

Below: Jesse hucks a first hit frontflip off of a mini backcountry booter.

After hitting our Jump we headed farther down Gaurdsman’s Pass where we met Brody. After brief introductions, we, along with Luke Allen, created a tree jib on this little stump.


Above: Jesse and Brody trying handplants on the tree stump.