Last May I found myself standing in the pouring rain just below the snowline in the Scottish highlands attempting to pitch a wholly unsuitable tent to prevent the weather from freezing my balls off. I was there with the boys behind the movie 'Late' which you'll hopefully have just watched. I was due to shred some lines and stack shots for the movie, as well as covering things from a press point of view. But in reality jet lag, lack of preparation, injury and vertigo added up to my skiing being frankly, shit.

Aaron McLean opening the taps...

I only stuck it out for 9 days of the month, which is why you won't be seeing any ski shots of me in the film, though I do make an appearance to bitch about the aforementioned situation and do some gnarly sewing. In the grand scheme of things though, it made no difference. Puzzle Media have managed to put together a banger film of their adventure which I think will get every single one of you hyped on the coming winter and, with any luck, inspire some of you to visit bonny Scotland. The skiing itself is straight up gnarly in places, think steep narrow couloirs to heather/rock run-outs.

Robert Kingsland exciting a gnarly couloir, below this shot is just bare rock

Even though I didn't manage to ski well or even function properly as a human during the trip, I had an amazing time. Scotland is probably the most beautiful places I've ever skied. Where else can you ski couloirs beside running running waterfalls looking down on the heather covered highlands. The guys who made the movie put a ton of their own funds in to making this and you couldn't meet more friendly or dedicated people anywhere. Check out the fruits of their labour if you haven't already and add it to your ski bucket list. I will definitely going back, fitter, better rested and better prepared to make the most of what is an amazing place.

The only shot of me in Scotland. I will be back.