Lars rehab week 3

Another week of rehab done and i’m that much closer to skiing. My quad incision is almost 100% healed over allowing me to start attempting full flexion (Heel to butt and fully extended)

Every single day there is a focus on warming up the knee to become more mobile and getting all the swelling out. I must do this before my day starts or my knee will become more stiff and swollen throughout the day. First thing every morning I plug into my Gameready for 15 min with my leg elevated on a wall. After icing I slowly get flexion in the knee by dragging my heel up and down the wall until it has some energy in it. Pop a few single & double legged squats then my day can start. Biking the first part of week 3 was still stiff. My cut kept popping open so I had to hold back on it. Stoked for spring to come through Vancouver so I can start bombing the streets on my bikes.

Gym routine has really stepped up since I’ve been able to ride the bike.

Gym routine:

15-30min bike ride

Weight transfer to mini squat – left leg squat , pop to right leg squat.

10 clean squats, exploding through hip

Bosu ball 1 legged squats. Squishy side down.

Hamstring ball curls

Sit down leg press. 6 sets of single and double leg. No weight.



Dead lift – just the bar – 3 sets of 8

Squats with bar 35 pounds per side – 3 sets of 6

Core strengthening – bridging & crunching


Bike 15-30min

This has been 4 times a week. 6 times a week I am in physiotherapy & pilates working on different techniques each day. Lots of balance and stability control. In my last surgery I was battling with a finniky fibular head. Mine was popping out like crazy and causing a lot of pain. It was crazy flexible, I was able to flex it and movie it around much too easy. This could be a reason as to why I re-tore my ACL. In physio we have been doing a lot of work strengthening my lateral hamstrings and this has evened out my fibular head and made it more flush.

Piece of advice to those rehabbing from knee surgery. Do NOT drink beer. This will cause psycho swelling almost instantaneously. I had a few beers at dinner a few nights ago and it made my knee look and feel haggard. Stick to water program to flush out all that gunk in your body.

Pliometrics start this week! Rehab’s getting heavy. Sorry about no photos. IPhone camera screwed

- TJ