Words: Matthias Fabbro

Photos: Alessandro Belluscio, Harald Wisthaler & Wojtek Antonów

The first Italian Invitational is over and was a rousing success. Lat month Matthias Fabbro and Markus Eder invited some of the best European skiers to Kronplatz, Italy to hit a massive obstacle prepared and shaped by F-Tech Snowpark Constructions. And even though the weather wasn’t as good as it normally is this time of year, the crew was motivated and ready to shred.


Day 1

After inspecting the the gap kicker the riders quickly made their speed checks while the filmers and photographers moved in position to get their shots. Unfortunately the fog made it impossible to keep jumping after three or four test jumps and everyone had to head up to the restaurant to get lunch. 

Sebi Geiger. photo: Wojtek Antonów

After lunch the afternoon was still very cloudy but the plan was to stay on the mountain for some nighttime action. Riders used the time to jib the snowpark which offered endless rail combinations and other fun features. After having dinner at the Kron restaurant it was time to get the first serious shots of the event. The nighttime setup was just amazing, thanks to a spectacular job by the F-Tech guys.

photo: Alessandro Belluscio

Roy Kittler was the stand out rider of the night as he was still throwing down the biggest and best tricks of the session after all the other riders had packed up. Once Roy was finished, everyone headed down the gondola at Midnight...tired, but stoked.

Paddy Graham. photo: Wojtek Antonów

Day 2

Following the intensity of the first day most of the riders decided not to head up the mountain early, which ended up being the right call since the weather sucked all day. As a result, it was time for some more jib action, followed by a few relaxing beers before everyone headed down the mountain. The evening entertainment was an ice hockey game in Bruneck. HC Pustertal had to beat HC Asiago to get into the playoffs and there were no better supporters than the skiers! Inspired by the loud cheers the Wolves took the win, making a successful evening for the crew. A mellow day all in all but the next morning there was a sunrise shoot on the horizon...

Max Garhammer. photo: Alessandro Belluscio

Day 3

Alarm clock goes off at 3:30 am, followed by breakfast and a 30 minute drive to get on the other side of the mountain where a snowcat picked everyone up. The shaping crew were already up top preparing the jump, and when the riders arrived at the park the stars were still out in the dark night sky, making for a perfect sunrise session. 

photo: Alessandro Belluscio

The light was stunning as the riders started hitting the jump. A snowcat supplied rides to the top, and the session was on.

Matthias Fabbro. photo: Harald Wisthaler

The session continued for about two hours before a break for a second breakfast. Weibwurst and Weibbier was the right thing to eat after the early morning action.

In the afternoon there was a canon box to shred, which Markus Eder turned up the heat on with some misty 450’s and 630’s off.

Markus Eder. photo: Wojtek Antonów

The last night saw everyone come together for dinner at the Kron4 Restaurant. The dessert wasn’t a typical one, or an Italian delacy; we had Polish Vodka brought by Marek and Wojtek. That was definitely the kick off for the rest of the night, after which the crew headed down to Bruneck and checked out nearly all the pubs and discos the city could offer. When it was about 2:30 am all the riders were done; only Johannes Drexl managed it to keep partying with the Italian machines Raffaele Cusini and Matthias Fabbro till late, while Sebi Geiger was on a good way but had to give up on the last part of the night.

Day 4

Only a few riders remained left for the final day of the event. Some mellow runs turned out to be pretty fun and the photographers got their last shots. A little shooting on the rainbow box over the gondola and chilling until the afternoon saw a wrap to the skiing.

Matthias Fabbro. photo: Wojtek Antonów

We would like to say thanks to everyone involved in this event and we promise you that it won't be the last Invitational event here in Italy. Special thanks go out to Kronplatz Ski Resort, Skirama, Tourist Association Bruneck, F-Tech Snowpark Constructions and all the other supporters. See you next year with some fresh ideas!