We love skiing at Faction. It’s the top of our ‘things we love most’ list.. of course, beer makes an appearance on that list and it would be no surprise to you that woman are very much on that list too. We are good at making big, fast, fat and park skis and very good at drinking beer but we felt we needed some help with women… so we’re stoked to announce that one of skiings most prominent female athletes Kristi Leskinen has joined the Collective to show us a thing or two about skiing.



Kristi has been an inspiration to thousands of young female and male skiers across the globe for many years, and has been a super star of the ski world since her apperance in the Poor Boyz now classic ski movie ‘Happy Dayz’ back in 2002. Kristi has helped develop the sport of freesking as we know it today. We are looking forward to see how she can continue to grow and develop with us at The Faction Collective. Kristi herself says, "The manufacturer I represent is critical to me. Faction combines innovative thinking with products of the best quality and design available today. It is the perfect fit for me and I'm really excited to be part of the Collective."



Kristi will still be competing and travelling the globe as a professional skier – however off the slopes Kristi will be in the driving seat leading product development for our female-specific range of skis and accessories…stay tuned and see you in the bar…ur, sorry I meant to say, see you up the mountain!