Faction team rider Kristi Leskinen has had a busy month. After a difficult X-Games due to weather and visibilty, Kristi returned to Aspen a couple of weeks later to take on the same course at the Aspen/Snowmass Open presented by Audi. This time the course was better and everyone could see. Kristi and the other Faction riders took on the crowd and judges with style throwing down an admirable performance



She was joined by fellow team riders Mike Mertion and SImon Dartois. Here Simon gets out of the pipe like the big guys, showing he is in the running for a spot in the X-Games sometime in his bright future.



Kristi finished the weekend on the podium, securing her place in next year's X-Games edition 14 again in Aspen, with smooth and flowing 360°s and 720°s.



No time was lost when she left last week to go to the Nippon Open in Japan among a field of strong riders. Keep an eye out for details as results and images come in or check out the Nippon Open official website at:


The long journeys and intense timing of holding a professional athletes competition schedule have led Kristi to the next level where she is ready to start organizing her own events with a special female twist to highlight the skills and abilities of girls on courses designed by women and for women. This chance to share an event with her friends and colleagues in the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding has not come overnight. We wish her the best of luck and support this great effort to charge with no apologies!!

Stay tuned for a full press release and event description