Krippenstein Photoshoot - Day 2

FEBRUARY 21 / 08


is our guide, Heli Putz. In 86' Heli and two other mountaineers spent

90 days on Everest, climbing a new route to 8,640m (without any

porters). Some of his other "minor" feats include leading three public

expeditions on Mt. McKinley, skiing 8,000+ meter peaks in Nepal, and

first ascents on more than 3,000 climbs in the valley surrounding



carried a cross (and a good bottle of wine) to the top of this peak to

celebrate 20 years of guiding without any serious injuries.

Even though it hasn't snowed in weeks Tobi had no problem finding some untracked lines.


ceiling of this cave is 30m high. You might recognize it if you

happened to see the Red Bull White Rush event two years ago.

This is only the second time that Phil has ever hit a backcountry jump (cork 7 tail grab, first hit).


at the Lodge has been enjoying the sun. This last shot is a panoramic

view from the top. Thanks for the pictures Michelle!

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