Petter Ulsletten, Lucas Stal-Madison... not names you'd generally expect to see on an X Games start list but both guys threw down in knuckle huck tonight. But it was Henrik Harlaut who blew the lid on things on the first run with a nosebutter dub 12 safety to take the lead. Petter brought the double Polish donut to run two and LSM the layback cork 3 pretzel before Jesper sent a switch dub backie straight to the bottom to take the lead. Alex Hall's nosebutter 9 with a tap was enough to bump him into third at the end of the second run of jumps.

Alex Hall went to the moon on a switch 10, with a tap at 180, bumping himself into second, for about 30 seconds, before Henrik went nosebutter to tailbutter to cork 5, to retake that place. Jesper went revert to switch flair to keep racking up the non-existent points, before Henrik stomped a switch butter to nosebutter 9.

Final run, Petter Ulsletten sent a revert to switch dub 10 attempt but crashed hard. LSM stomped an insane hand drag 3 pretzel, one of the best ever done? Jesper went handdrag 12 to seemingly solidify his win. Only Henrik and Alex Hall could challenge at this point and so it proved. Alex Hall. Switch dub 14 with the tap at 180. Impossible. Gold. Neither Henrik, nor Colby could do anything to touch that. What a show.

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