Knee pain is the MOST common complaint of athletes of all kinds. Your body let’s you know when it’s uncomfortable, and something is wrong, so listen to it!

I have been experiencing knee pain for a good minute.. decided to get it checked out. After tha first visit, Doc told me he was over 90% sure that I was ok, and nothing was wrong with my knee. He sent me home with an appointment in a month.. told me to call him if tha pain persisted, and I could get an MRI. My body continued to talk to me. I was in pain day and night.. couldn’t sleep, I knew something wasn’t right, so I called in for an MRI, and to my surprise, tha Doc called me back the very next day and let me know that I had a tear of my lateral meniscus, and a meniscal cyst. Problems that required a minor arthroscopic surgery called a Partial Meniscectomy. It’s a small one in the world of knee surgeries, it was done on an outpatient basis, less than an hour of surgery, so I am thankful for that. They removed 15% of my lateral meniscus, and here’s me, “don’t I need that???” I am now in stages of recovery, and will be ready to roll before tha snow falls this winter.

So, bottom line, if you’re having serious knee pain, get an MRI, it’s about 1000$ if you don’t have insurance, but it’s the ONLY way you can see all those tendons and cartilage that can’t be seen with X-Rays. Addressing the situation at the earliest time possible ensures a speedy recovery, and creates a smaller chance of more permanant damage, as in my case.

The injury was caused by casing a really poorly built jump. It was about 50 ft. to tha knuckle, and tha lip pointed to tha sky. I dropped in and straight lined it with all the speed my lil body could generate. I landed about 10 ft. short of the knuckle! It hurt so bad, I knew I had injured my knee, but I was in contest mode, and continued to ride, earning myself 2nd place (1st place loser) and a 500$ big plastic check! Stoked! But not stoked. Not only did I tear my meniscus, but I put a good size dent in my leg bone from tha impact of the “accident”, as you can see in the 2 bottom left photos of this arthroscopic images of my knee.

The doc was very vauge about this. He didn’t know what it meant for me.. chronic pain, future knee surgery, or early arthritis. Either way, I am taking all precautions, and am ready for whatever happens. I am strong and young, and he was hopeful the bone cartilage will repair itself over time.

If anyone has any knowledge of this, or advice for physical therapy, or anything, lemme know. I am open to everything. Have you had or considered getting knee surgery? You need those things so take care of em, friends!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dr. O’ Shea, at tha Portland Knee Clinic for taking exceptional care of me. If you are going to tha Doc for knee pain, check out a clinic specializing in knees, and knees of athletes.

Over n out from Halo!