Clothing and gear can big almost as big of a reflection of style as skiing itself. The skiers in Level 1’s film Habit are always looking to incorporate their personalities into the way they dress, whether it’s representing their favorite company, or just “wearing whatever is least stinky” as Will Wesson told us. Want to know what your favorite pros were wearing while skiing for the cameras in Level 1’s film Habit? Well, you’re in luck because we sat down with some of the films biggest stars to get the lowdown on their gear.

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Hat Helmet: Tall T Productions

Goggles/Glasses: Shred Optics

Facemask: Phunkshum

Baselayer Haskill

Midlayer/Hoodie Tall T Productions or Saga

Jacket: Saga Outerwear

Pants: Saga Outerwear

Skis: HG Skis Keegan Stinger Pro

Gloves/Mittens: Wells Lamont

Hat Helmet: Spy Beanie

Goggles/Glasses: Spy Ace Goggle

Facemask: Tall T Productions

Baselayer: Haskill

Midlayer/Hoodie: Likes to switch it up

Jacket: Doesn't wear a jacket unless it's snowin'

Pants: Faction

Boots: Dalbello

Skis: Faction Candide 2.0 & Candide 4.0

Gloves/Mittens: Wells Lamont

Hat/Helmet: Bern Macon

Goggles/Glasses: Scott LCG Goggles

Facemask: Outdoor Tech Yowie

Baselayer: Whatever's least stinky

Midlayer/Hoodie Yoke Collection Hoodie

Jacket: Saga Outerwear

Pants: Saga Outerwear Fatigue Pant

Boots: Full Tilt First Chair

Skis: Line Blend

Gloves/Mittens: Hand Made Limited

Hat/Helmet:Oakley Mod 3

Goggles/Glasses: Oakley Latch & Oakley Flight Deck XM

Facemask: The North Face

Baselayer The North Face Summite L1 Top

Midlayer/Hoodie The North Face

Jacket: The North Face Fuse Brigadine

Pants: The North Face Shredromper Bibs

Boots: Rossignol Pure 130

Skis: Rossignol Black Ops

Gloves/Mittens: The North Face

Hat/Helmet: RMU Pom Pom Beanie

Goggles/Glasses: Dragon NFX

Facemask: Phunkshun

Baselayer Saga Tek Pullover

Midlayer/Hoodie Dragion Hydro Hood

Jacket: Saga Monarch

Pants: Saga Monarch

Boots: Full Tilt First Chair 10

Skis: RMU Northshore & RMU Rippah

Gloves/Mittens: Saga Leather Mitt

Hat/Helmet: Carhartt Beanie

Goggles/Glasses: Scott LCG

Facemask: Phunkshun

Baselayer Haskill

Midlayer/Hoodie Haskill

Jacket: Bloom Onward Jacket

Pants: Bloom Solitude Bibs

Boots: Full Tilt First Chair 6

Skis: RMU Rippah

Gloves/Mittens: Scott Vertic Pro Mitt

Goggles/Glasses: Spy Doom

Facemask: Saga

Baselayer Saga Riding Tee

Midlayer/Hoodie Saga

Jacket: Saga Monarch Jacket

Pants: Saga Monarch Bibs

Boots: Daleboot ST

Skis: 4frnt Massif 189

Gloves/Mittens: Saga Leather Mitts