*update Saturday night*

Kings Crown will open tomorrow, sunday around 9:30.  Maybe a little after if there is alot of shoveling to do, earlier if it doesn't snow.  The DC event that they wanted to hold today will be rescheduled and we will take a look at that events schedule come wednesday.

Thanks :)

*update Saturday January 5th*

Due to the weather, winds, blowing snow, very poor visibilty at times and the nature of the area the Crown is located at, we have made the call to not open Kings Crown today.  DC has pushed back their beanies, hot chocolate and doughnuts until we get better weather, which means we will be making that call as far as holding it next weekend come wednesday.  Pick N Shovel, Payday Jibs and later today, conditions permitting, Lower Jonesys will be the parks open today.  Bring your low light lens, your warm jackets, face masks and pow utensils and come make the most of a very windy and snowy day :)  Today is definitely a day to go make the pow turns if you can make it up to the resort.

Besides the snow coming in sideways and making very large wind drifts that we can't keep up with the wind this morning in jupiter was 80mph with the current summit wind speed at an average mid 30's lower 40's.  Winds on the lower mountain were calming down as 9am rolled around and then picked back up again after the resort opened. Currently the upper mountain has sent in last chairs and is shutting down.  The forecast is for the front to move through this afternoon with another front making it's way in tomorrow.

If you have any other questions, comments or just want to chit chat with someone that never leaves work, feel free to email me at parkinfo@pcmr.com