Eh Team member King Brian ripped it up on Maryhill this past weekend.  A helicopter followed him.

  The pilot was fully into it and had figured out his pacing. We ripped back up top and proceeded to follow Deano and ?King? Brian down a couple solo runs. It was so fun chasing those dudes down the smooth curvatures of Maryhill. At one point Louis says to the pilot: ?Hey, let?s scare this guy!? So we skim just above ?King? Brian?s head. If he would have been a wild Zebra and I?d of  had a tranquilizer gun, I couldn?t have missed the sonofabitch. Anyway, coming in so low didn?t bother him one bit?he just got even more excited; he gave us a wave and railed the corners even harder?it was so epic!Photo and words courtesy of wheelbasemag.comCan't wait to see the footage!