Cover: Klappen Snowpark

As per TURBONERD's request (and the rest of you that agree), we'll be doing recaps of all the best content coming out of Kimbosessions this week, which is a metric fuckton. Buckle your seatbelts like AHall and let's get this party started.

Day 1 Mini Edit, Oystein, Oliver Karlberg, Siver Voll, Wabs, BMack, and Krypto tag team this 60 sec mini edit full of the brain fuckery you'd expect to see at Kimbo.


Colby only needs the tip to get things done.

Siver lacing up a back 8 dub nose. I'm positive this knuckle has an anti-gravity field on it because everyone's been floating like an astronaut on a space walk.

Fire Me Up

Emil has some of my favorite clips from years past and it looks like he's going full speed ahead towards more this year.


Wallride to rail transfer? Hunter has HOPS.


1 cork, 1 lap, 1 insane wallride.

Dumont Tribute

Double frontflip superman. A classic.

On Their Own Wave 🌊

CLo & Freedle. Skiiing's power duo.

Mutes For The Haters

Meekus gets corked, Wabs does his signature upright spins with special cameos from Quan & Ferdi.


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Stay tuned for more recaps like this all week.