Last year's KimboSessions produced more banger edits than any competition I can remember since JOSS. I was lucky enough to spend most of the week out in Klappen, enjoying what is currently the closest thing skiing has to a Superpark shoot. The setup for this year is just starting to take shape (see cover photo) and it looks like it's going to be all-time yet again. You're going to have to use your imagination a bit as the build isn't quite done yet, but there's something for everyone invited and it's sure to produce skiing that blows minds all over again. KimboSessions 2018 kicks off on Monday 30th April, so keep your eyes peeled on Newschoolers and on Instagram (#kimbosessions and @kimbosessions) for all the insanity. Check out the video below from last year to whet your appetite, and then take a look at the riders list... if that doesn't get you stoked, I don't know what will.



Invited Riders:

Henrik Harlaut

Phil Casabon

Torin Yater Wallace

Emile Bergeron

Alex Ferreira

Aaron Blunck

James Woods

Quinn Wolferman

Alex Hall

Oliver Karlberg

Emil Granbom

Hugo Burvall

Öystein Bråten

Ferdinand Dahl

Johan Berg

Noah Albaladejo

Magnus Graner

Pär Hägglund


Yohei Maruyama

Tcrew Bull

Colby Stevensson

Magnus Skotte Nörsteng

Maximilliam Smith

Freddie Grann

Joel Magnusson

Vilmer Ivarsson

Alex Hackel

Parker White

Charlie Lasser

Maude Raymond

Taylor Brooke

Johan Lilja

Kim Boberg

Joss Christensen

Douglas källsbo

Jens Nilsson

Forster Meeks

Abner Wabs

Jake Carney

Måns Bertz

Jake Mageau

Eirik Moberg

Lars Haakon Hafsal