Host to one of Newschoolers’ favorite events, Rails to Riches, Killington Ski Resort boasts not only some of the best parks on the east coast, but also some of the best skiing in Vermont. NS members and weekend warriors alike love the area for its great skiing and after hours activities. At less than three hours from Albany, Boston and Burlington, the east coast’s biggest ski area is easy to access as well

The “beast of the east” according to their own website, has a vertical drop of 3,050 ft. which is respectable even by some west coast standards. And, on those bone-chilling days, the Killington gondola gives you a bit of a break from the elements.

There are a ton of options for park skiers with six terrain parks and an 18’ halfpipe. Among these six are the east coast version of Neff Land, and “The Stash” park, which is made up of “66 features in and out of the trees, inspired by snowboarding’s roots in the Vermont backcountry.” These parks are spread out between Kilington Resorts’ Skye Peak and Ramshead areas. The trail map with all the details can be found here: Killington Trail Map. NS members like the area because it opens first, and closes last. This long season with plenty of fun jib lines make it an east coast favorite for member SkierGuyNick, while willyg0808 shouted out the friendly lifties.

Here’s NS member Cannaburner’s take on the parks: Timberline on Ramshead is fun, smaller features, but the whole length of the lift, similar to nitro at carinthia (sort of). Mouse run is always fun, medium sized features, usually only one or two jumps. There is access to that via rope tow, although you'll have to share that with a bunch of ski racers. Also this park is only around for early season. (Should be an all season park but whatever) Dream Maker is the large sized park which is over on Bear Mountain, away from the goobers. [It has] bigger jumps and bigger rails. The parks definitely lack a sufficient amount of jumps, although the rail game is on point.

If you're not skiing park, think about staying away from Ramshead, Snowshed, and Snowdon "peaks" if you want to avoid the crowds and the kooks. Killington Peak and the peaks to the skier’s right offers more challenging terrain, and plenty of hidden gems to be explored.

So, the mountain definitely has some of the best skiing in Vermont, but once it shuts down for the day member Huck _Norris says “the access road has arguably the best nightlife in the state outside of the actual city of Burlington.” Check out Sushi Yoshi, Wobbly Barn and Picklebarrel for a good time. Although you may be jerry hunting amongst the New Yorkers," member Skibum warns, “bring your hair gel and fireball and fit in at Pickle Barrel [President’s Day weekend].”

The bars aren’t the end of the Killington nightlife however, the house parties are legendary. The condos and cabins on the access road play host to these parties, so make friends with the locals, or bring your shredding lady friends and have them hit the Tinder game hard to find out the intel.

Good parks, some fun glades, and some pretty rowdy nightlife make Killington ski area a top east coast destination. Some of the best events in the sport give you plenty of excuses to go check it out. Plan your trip around the crowds from the nearby big cities, and get ready for awesome early and late season action.

The nuts and bolts:

Vertical Drop: 3,050 ft.

Skiable acres: 1,509

Total lifts: 22

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