Traditionally early season skiing is noted for the prevalence of the so called "White Ribbon of Death." I'll stick to referring to it as the white ribbon of life because skiing gives me life like a man with a gavel. Killington really has more than just a ribbon thanks to their unreal snowmaking capabilities. As can be observed in the following video of Chris Franchino from the HG skis Insta

That was the first day of the season on Sunday. The following day was when I made by big debut along with my friends Cole and Phil and all the other familiar faces that showed up that day. We had sunny skies and temps in the high 30s.

Sam Snyder lookin out into the valley Photo: Chandler Burgess/ Killington Parks

The Full set up goes like this:

1. Propane tank

2. Down tube

3. Down flat bar

4. Zeak Tube(down right/flat/upish down)

5. Elbow rail to the left

6. Down bar (very mellow)

Different than previous years- this set up is all in a line so you get to hit every feature on a lap. Killington Parks setting the bar even higher and I'm so thankful.

View of the bottom three features. Photo: Mike Garceau/ Killington Parks

If you were wondering whether or not it was worth the drive, now you know. Go stomp your first lip on blind 2 of the season.