You might have noticed Kieran McVeigh (some know him as McSlay) in The Bunch movies, the recent Freeskier Road Trip Challenge, or one of his many edits dropped over the past few years, but whichever way you saw him, his style is pretty unforgettable. McVeigh's popularity has seen a rise over the past few years, and rightfully so.

McVeigh answered some of the questions you posted in a Q&A thread. Enjoy!

Original Thread:


When's the last time you popped a switch up? - FredyFerl

Never...prolly like a month ago, I pop kfeds pretty hard

do you ever not have a hood on? -JahLiam

I try not to

is the reason you always have your hood up cause you wear your goggles over your helmet? you had them over in a shot in one episode of rtc. -daveyjones

Yeah its definitely a big reason, I never got into goggles under the helmet cause I think effects the fit of the helmet so hood up is in part to hide the goggles over the helmet and I think it looks good.

and how do you make your soul riders so soft?

They start pretty soft but I used to clamp them in the middle and put woodblocks in the nose and tail but now I just ride them and break them in that way

Do you detune the entire length of your skis? -CashmereCat

Yeah I do a more mild detune on the area of the ski that's not underfoot but I do detune most of the ski.

Is it true that you no longer watch skiing? If so, why? -Haxivage

I took a break this summer because I found that I was getting to in my head and constantly wanting my skiing to be better then others, and started enjoying skiing a lot less, so I took a break in part to not worry about that, and in part to try to ski in a way that feels good and not worry about how it looks as much, I now watch a little bit of skiing but maybe like an edit or two a week

Hit more jumps.tired of seeing edits of you spinning around on flat ground so half of ns can get boners. -masterhatin

Jumps scare me, and plus skiing in socal there's not that much opportunity to good jumps, my year in Colorado spoiled me, but mostly I just get mad shook on jumping now and like spinning around on the ground to much.

Have you ever done a 900 or 10? or a 450 or 630? -Steezebag

I've done 9s not for a while though, I did all 4 9s (very poorly) when I was 15 or 16, still stoked on that.

Have your ever spun past 720? Also, how do you do cork 3's off of such small jumps? -chadsgape

I don't think I can cork 3 jumps any smaller then the average person, but I've done nines.

Welcome to iNi // Kieran McVeigh

When and how did you come to the conclusion that you wanted to be a super stylish skier instead of a real technical one -ChubbyBoy

I've never really thought about it like that, I kinda feel I am or at least used to be a very technical skier.

do you think you'll ever drop something comparable to your nike chosen ? --emile- (

The real question is will I ever drop something comparable to superflexknown and to be real with you I don't think I'll ever drop videos like that again, when I dropped that I was so driven to show everyone how good I thought I was and now I still feel that but not to the extent I'd rather just spend my time skiing in a way I find more enjoyable then skiing for accomplishment like I did then (I still had fun, but skiing accomplishment was a greater part of my self concept).

Superflexknown- Kieran Mcveigh

What skiers or film parts inspired you when you were younger, and what inspires you now? -Grendels

Idea, was huge, so was 4bi9 and wallisches super unknown, also Brady Perron, as far as some of the big known influences when I was younger, also the local dudes at sugarbush like jack stauss, and I think his name was mike but this dude that just did mad 0 spins at sugarbush

Now it's a lot of snowboarding and skateboarding just like everyone else but of course B-dog and the whole bunch.

I have seen a few shots here and there of you hitting urban, do you ever plan on expanding more into this area of skiing? -Foxxy-Bang

I've been filming some urban with the bunch and Ill definitely keep doing that

Also since you are chilling in California, do you and the nordica team have any plans to make the rounds at the tahoe resorts? like Boreal, northstar, squaw, alpine meadows, sierra, heavenly?

When I'm in California I'm mostly pretty busy at school so I can't travel much so maybe and that would be dope but not plans for it.

Lastly, can you be my tutor for my statics course and my calculus 3 course?

I've only taken calc 1 sorry man, the hype isn't real.

What is it like being part of The Bunch? -Grendels

What was its like to be in the merry pranksters? Naw I'm just kidding its mad fun.

What's a trick you've been wanting to land for a while now but haven't yet? -I_liketobutter

A double, but I don't think its in the cards.

What are your top 3 goals for this season? -margarine_KC

Ski and have fun

11 with Kieran

hows your game when it comes to laying down the pipe? aka pipe game -hoodcrew

depends a lot on the pipe I feel like if it's a mini pipe and pretty slushy I could do some good slashes and such

Do we have a house at mammoth this year or are we combining with LMU or are we on our own? You been skating? Hope pomona is staying very chill. -ZMiller

No house at mammoth this year, I've been skating a lot and Pomona is staying mad Chill.

i just wanna know do you wear gloves/mittens? they look like wool-socks in the edits. -kalle.

I think the mittens you're talking about is a pair of my dads big wool mitts, I have no idea where to get them I'd love to buy another pair.

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real? -Miomo

Eyes are real? And Even if they're not I don't think its really worth the time to ponder over whether or not our perception of reality is "real" or not because its still the only one we have, or at least not at this moment.

Beside skiing what are your top three interests? -~~~~~~~~

Top couple Psychology, Surfing, Learning, Socializing, Reading, Computer Science

Kieran McVeigh // Mt. Hood Summer 2013

Top 3 parties you've been to while at Mt. Hood? love, jahoebums -Jahoe_Stuyve

Top 3 parties? I don't think I've really been to many maybe a fourth of july and some stuff with GYC, but I don't really party much, unfortunately cameras just tend to be around when I do.

Do you remember when I told you that you were my favorite skier at windells 2013, and then Evan Williams started laughing? -split.view

I think I do, was it at the bottom of Tbar? Either way it warms my heart that I'm (was?) someones favorite skier.

Do you like your butter to be salted or unsalted? -Tree60

My favorite butter is Swedish extra salt

do you prefer butter or cream cheese on your bagel? -FratSkier

Cream Cheese on a plain bagel, butter on a cinnamon raisin, Swedish butter over everything.

do you hang left or right? -FratSkier

I think right, I'm not gonna check


Would you fuck Amanda Bynes given the opportunity? -taj.

I mean I would definitely see if we had any chemistry

Annie's or Kraft -Teafast

I wish it was Annies but its Kraft

Would you rather take a long walk on the beach or a horse drawn carriage ride through the city? -ERICA.MN

If it's a dope city horse drawn carriage

What's the square root of 69? -Capurnicus

You and me?

tits or ass? -SDrvper