Every year Vegas hosts a car show called SEMA, in which 1,000's of automotive industry leaders have the opportunity to showcase anything from new models, to prototypes, to concept cars, etc.

This year, Kia Motors stood out from the bunch when they presented what they referred to as the "Ski Gondola." It is pretty much a souped-up Kia Sorento, with its most notable feature being the rubber tracks, making it resemble the likes of a snowcat much more than a gondola. Other features include two front seats that spin around to maintain the feel of a gondola, self-driving so it can meet you back at the bottom after taking a lap, and more.

So this is crazy and I was expecting Xzibit to pop up on the scene the whole time, but it isn't all so out of this world. Nissan Canada released a similar prototype earlier this year, so who's to say when vehicles like these could become a reality? Though probably not a good reality.


Nissan Canada's 'Rogue Warrior'