Keywords is a new series from Good Company, conceived in the mind of none other than Karl Fostvedt. When your crew consists of some of the most talented skiers and filmers in the game, looking through old shots is a blast and Karl is no stranger to doing just that. "I like to plug a bunch of drives into 1 computer and search keywords to see what kind of madness will come up. It's really fun to search a keyword like "nollie" and then watch every variation of nollie that we've caught on film in the last few seasons".

It was during one of these hard drive sessions that Karl came up with the idea of turning the tagged clips into a series, where each edit would consist of the shots described by a keyword. I reached out to Tom to introduce the latest keyword chosen by you: 'Disaster'.

"Gapping onto a rail or doing a “Disaster” is always a gnarly trick. Sometimes these things even end in literal disaster. The first urban rail you hit every season is always really scary and the first feature in this one of the first things we shot last season. Forster Meeks and his friends told us about the rail, which is in South Dakota and Tim stepped up to it. Tim is featured a lot in this video actually. I think he really likes to do [Editor's note: and literally have...] disasters."

One of the craziest parts of the cut is Tom's attempts at a rodeo 450 disaster (2:04 onwards). You don't generally see Tom crash a lot but some of these are brutal. He told me more about what must have been a sore day to say the least: "The winch was acting up that day and getting the speed correct was really difficult. I was never able to commit to going slow enough to get the trick. I must have aired over or just tapped the rail with a rodeo 540 some 30+ times that day. Eventually I was just too tired to try anymore. Sometimes these things just don’t work out."

The Good Company guys are the best of the best, you usually only see the finished product. With this series Tom hopes to show that "sometimes you just don’t quite get the rail or the trick. Sometimes style or execution isn’t quite there. I'm hoping with this series that we can show everyone the shots that never made the cut, and showcase how much work goes into this stuff!"

We're stoked to be able to share these cuts with you. Vote now for the next keyword below!