Well to tell you the truth i don't really like Blog's. Or the world Blog. Shit is wack.

anywho i figure since im a green person on this site i should make use of all the features and give you an official mod blog.

I didn't know what to write for this, and remember that 2 days ago i had made a Redman mixtape. The sun was shining, people were lounging outside drinking cheap beer in beaters blazin' out, and i was like we need some Redman to bump outside. (i could have plugged in my ipod but we still use cd's in my house)

So i made this diirrty ass mixtape with all ma favortie shit ranging from like 1993, on it. It Contains 20 Hot Tracks.

Unfortunatly i forgot to save the tracklisting so to bad for you, next time i'll have it all nice and purdy. It is bundled in a .rar file so you will need an extraction program like Winzip or Winrar to open it. If you don't have one they can be found on http://www.download.com (If your having problems pm me). Leave Comments If you download the link, at holla at me if you want more installements.....;)

So i bring you the first installment of

Kev's Cypher Sessions Mixtapes

Kev's Redman Mixtape-Cypher Sessions Vol.1