Made a few stops since I last came on this thing; Enumclaw, Crystal Mountain, Whistler, Seattle, Portland and now back in Hood River. I've got some stories and photos/videos from the latter so for this time around I'm going to focus on the stories/photos/videos with the former.We heard about some snow falling in Washington and didn't want to give up on our powder hunt quite yet. Another couple hundred miles is starting to feel like a breeze after being on the road for this long, so we made our way to Crystal Mountain Resort just outside of Seattle. And surprise, surprise, this time around our decision looks like it could pay off. Thanks to some prior sweet talking with the marketing department, we had some real nice zones that had been closed for the season opened up for us to film on. And we were also able to stay in one of the slope side cabins, which was a nice stay might I add. So a couple days of skiing and a couple nights stay, thats about as descriptive as I'll get right now. Good trip. I'll let the photos/video exit you out.Enjoy.