Just like everyone else training for the Olympics next February, Kelly Sildaru has been down in New Zealand all summer dialing in her tricks & competing in various events. The other day she took a fall, twisted her knee. She is "taking all precautions and will be flying home to be evaluated and determine what is next in recovery." She released this video (with translation below) explaining the situation.


"Hello Friends, Fans and Sponsors. I wanted to be the first to tell you about a recent training crash I had. While in New Zealand this past week, I fell and twisted my knee while training for the upcoming season. At this time I am taking all pre cautions and will be flying home to be evaluated and determine what is next in recovery. Fortunately I was able to get two great results at my first World Cup's of the season to help secure my place in the Olympics. However, until I get home and see my team of doctors and specialist we don't know how long I will be off skis or what the injury really is, but I am determined to put the work in to be back as soon as possible, but also will want to be 100% to ensure a long career. I truly thank you for all the support and I promise once we have more info and knowledge of my situation over the next couple of weeks we will be back to provide updates.

All my best


We hope to see her back on skis in time for XGames and the Olympics and slaying it as usual. She's changed the face of women's skiing over the last few seasons and it would be cruel for her to miss the biggest stage of them all. Get well soon Kelly!