Heeeyy whatup everyone, its been a while! I hurt my knee in the fall which really sucked, but been rehabbing like crazy and i'm finally back, ahh feels gooood!!

Even though I’ve been hurt, I've been going to the Canadian Jib Academy events and also been working on some designs for sponsors which has been fun. The first Canadian stop for Jib Academy was at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone just north of Barrie, Ontario.  What a super good first event! The set up was real nice for us. Lot’s of amazing girls too!


Erin Kerr, Denise Jaworsky, Dane Tudor, Tyler Gigg

Next was the Canada Olympic Park stop in Calgary, AB which was pretty dope! We had our own jump line and everyone was super stoked, the lil guy that won was so cute, he is 10 and was doin some sw 9's grabbing all wacky but so cute!!

Erin Kerr, Kaya Turski, Dane Tudor and Denise Jaworsky kickin it at the Jib Academy at COP

Since it was my first time in Alberta, I had to check out Banff. After the event the coaches (Dane Tudor, Erin Kerr, Denise Jaworsky and I), along with the BC Salomon rep Tyler and our Canadian marketing girl Allison headed down there to stay for a couple of nights. We stayed in the dopest place with a hot tub in a cave which was called the Grotto, and we even saw Hugh Heffner, I swear!! We skied a few days at Sunshine Village, hung out with Heff and yno, did our thang.

The Fox Hotel in Banff, yeah Grotto!

Next stop was Tremblant which was another really cool event during the Telus Spin, the kids were killin it as usual. Good to be hanging near my home turf!

A few more weeks at home rehabbing, workin with my physios and I was ready to go out to Whistler. I WAS FREEEEE! So I headed out there to hang out at WSI, see the whole ski crew I hadn't hung out with in ages. First night was the big air and they let girls do it this year which was sick! Ashley B ended up winning with a big sw 7, gooo girl! WSI is always so good, parties every night and dinners at the infamous SUSHI VILLAGE (saki margaritas and fried chicken roll anyone?). Now the Telus event is all done, I’m still hanging out here in Whistler and life is gooood.

Remember those hilarious razor scooters that just look so stupid, well yeah I found one on the street in Van and have been using it as my wheels, its dope haha. So if u see some cool kid scootin’ around it's me. Been skiing every day with ma girl Kim Lamarre and some of the Salo boys; Dane Tudor and the infamous Alexis Godbout.

Now I couldn’t go on about my stay in Whistler without mentioning some of the wonderful people I’ve met hitchhiking to Van and to Whistler. The girls and I decided to go down to Van for a shopping day (we are girls after all), and who stops for us on the way back but a nice Cadillac limo.. oooh the ride was smooth!! Another ride worth mentioning was from some dude who pulled up on the side of the highway in a 22 wheeler truck.. yeaaa. Now that’s the kind of heavy duty truck I am talkin aboot!

Anyways...right now I am down in Mammoth hangin out with the Salomon team and with the International Jib academy winners which is so fun as usual, lotsa sun :).

The ladies of Salomon at the International Jib Acadeemy; Kaya Turski, Megan Olenick, Keri Herman and Whitney Wickes.

Alexis Godbout, Vince Gagnier, and Kaya Turski at the official International Jib Academy Soccer Match, yeah team Canada


After this, gonna head back up to Whistler for summer camps, I'll be up at Momentum, that's where its at this year!!

Then off to Woodward West to go fruitboot a lil (yeaaaa i rollerblade) then back across the world to the lovely Wanaka, NZ! booya!

That’s it for my little update, hope you enjoyed and I promise next year I’m going to have lots of dope news to write about!!