Cover photo: Kareem Black/Red Bull Content Pool

Kaya Turski has been a fixture of the competition scene for a decade and most often, appeared at the top of the podium. She's one of the most decorated Winter X Games athletes of all time, and so when she hit us up earlier this week to tell us that she was retiring we decided the best way to break the news was to let her explain in her own words.

"After over 10 years on the circuit, I’ve decided to retire from competitive skiing in order to pursue my next goals involving studies of sports psychology and sharing insights from my personal athletic journey. A lot of it has to do with coming onto the next phase of my life, as well as maintaining my health as it’s taken a toll over the years. I dedicated my heart and soul in the sport for so long… I will be honored if I am considered to have played a part in the progression of women’s free skiing. Style and progression were always important to me. Though I am on my way out, a part of me will always be out there, supporting the game, adding in new and different ways, involved on the mental performance side of things. Thanks NS for having my back and supporting me throughout the years. Keep the shred fun, everyone!!! Enjoy this winter. And, be easy on the girls, will ya? ;) Much love." - Kaya Turski

Kaya also wrote an amazing editorial piece for CBC about her decision, her career and her future plans which you should definitely check out. From all of here us at Newschoolers, thank you Kaya for everything you've done for the sport and best of luck on your future endeavours.