So hello everybody, i just had figured out how to write the intro for my second blog post. I wanted to write about the Opening Day at Kaunertal Glacier in Austria, and I wanted to refer to the comment which "harry.hood" left me on my first entry. he said: "def know the feeling. we'll be shredding sooner than we even know" and I wanted to say "fuck yea". But everything went wrong!

So here is the story: 

Spontaneously I decided to take the drive to the Kaunertal Opening to stay there for the weekend. After 30 min of drive we had an car accident. Someone crashed into our car from behind. At first, everything was okay. 4 cars were damaged, no persons. After a few minutes my head began to buzz and my neck hurt. A Doc said, that my pains will increase tomorrow and I had to make a difficult decision, because we had a rental car organized and all my buddies were set up to drive up to the glacier. But i didn't want to take the risk and therefore had to make a very hard decision, which was to stay at home and be on the safe side. I'm very upset at the moment. Def fucked up!

I hope you guys out there have fun and shred on all the opening days around the globe. My own opening day will come! Soon!