So hey guys,

2 Weeks ago was the Kaunertal Opening 08 Contest in Feichten Austria and i wanted to take part

on the rookie contest,but after 2 days i got one mail where stands i was drawn for the Pro Contest.

So as  a 14 years old kid ,was it agreat chance to compete with the pro's.

Thats all about this thing.

The biggest and nicest thing was the Contest.

In the morning of the contest day we came up and saw this amazing shaped Park and this nice blue bird.

We were all pretty motivated till  we wanted to practice. It was hard and icy,but we were still motivated so

the training were throwing down really dope afer 15 minutes and the contest began.

Bene Mayr was first and did some nice left to right side sw 720° and roy kittler and patrick hollaus and the other competetors of course

were throwing down too.

On the End of the day, i ended up on 9th Place.I was pretty satisfied with this result,first contest,first days on ski,

and riding against Pros,it was so much fun.

Thats from the literal part.

Here are some pics:

My first hit in the second run Flatspin 5 followed from a Cork 900 Mute.

That is picture of the mini shred contest setup.(one part of the contest kicker,the other mini shred)

Thats from me,