Hello everybody,

here you are, my promised post about my last weekend riding at Kaunertal Glacier in Austria. First day on snow: Stoked!

Here is the story: The first hours on the mountain we spent messing around and jibbin the minishred. Afterwards we startet filming, but unfortunatelly the camera ran out of energy and as we didn't want to take the spare cam we stopped filming. So, we hit play again and went back to the minishred park to have the best time of the day. As it was mad fun I didn't took any pictures while skiing. Sorry.

But i uploaded a few random shots for you.

Spare notes: Mad fun. Good times. Not keen on filming or photographing. No footage. Just a few random shots.

Drive to the Mountain. Hello Alps. Missed you!

On the T-Bar. Arty, isn't it? :D


Jojo is stoked about this guy's goggle. But man, this dude really shreds!

Here you got ya fame-picture :D

Hopfully you enjoyed, hopefully there will be some riding footage soon...



PS: Hokkaido get's pounded already. Can't wait!