In early 2015, Karl Fostvedt spent 5 weeks in Japan filming for Tamashii, a ski movie which highlighted the overwhelming distraction of social media in our daily lives and interactions. As such, a significant focus was put on the culture and landscape as well as the skiing, making for a different kind of project for both riders and viewers alike. The above are the shots Karl stacked over the course of the trip and I spoke to him find out more about the project..

The obvious thing about Japan is the snow, "it's just crazy how much it snows there. The first time I went to Japan was with Poor Boyz Productions to film for their 20th anniversary film, Twenty. Andy Mahre and I had a great time working together on that trip". When filmmaker Ross Reid asked us to join him on a 5 week trip the following year it was a no brainer to go!"

But Japan is also pretty different and Karl impressed by "the culture. The people there take a lot of pride in their work and have great work ethic. I was raised to work hard and do the job right and I respect that their culture takes pride in their work no matter how epic or pitiful the job is".

I also pushed Karl on whether as a result of his growing status in skiing, he found his obligations detracted from his enjoyment of the sport. But no, for him "skiing has only become more and more fun year after year. Every spring I look back and think "Holy smokes that winter was insane! Best one yet!" There are so many epic characters and loyal friends out there in our industry. It's really cool figuring out all the different ways people can make a living while still being ready to charge pow at the crack of dawn on a monday morning. Whether someone is working as a bartender, Team manager, or journalist like you, we all figure out a way to structure our lives around skiing!"

In fact, the main thing he'd change about his life as a pro? "Ski boots and snowmobiles are a really sketchy combination. If I could, I would change the laws of physics to make it so you could ski and snowmobile all in the same footwear."