Peak Performance King Of Style finals 2010 at Stadium Winterjam from Visualante on Vimeo.found this vidoe of the finals on vimeo.This weekend didn´t turn out to be as good as I hoped. Oscar told me saturday morning that I was up against Andreas in the first battle, so allready then I knew that it was a good chance that I was going out in the first run. And that´s exactly what happend. Andreas skied really well though, He just learned a new grab variation in practice. I guess it´s dub mute to octo or something crazy like that. So beeing beaten by Andreas wasen´t that huge of a dissapointment. im gonna keep this short cause im just about to get in the car and drive to Trysil. The Sweet Rumble jump will be ready tomorrow so we get to session it all week. Being able to hit a jump on a real hill with real snow sure is gonna feel good right now. PK