Words by Clayton Vila, Shea Flynn & Connor Scofield

Most of us were planning on attending school over the summer until K2 put us up in the K2 House at Government Camp, so we never registered for classes and left for Mount Hood, making this our “Summer School”. Besides the name, our daily routine is nothing like summer school at all. We ski all day, edit footage, eat a lot, and just straight up chill out and try to entertain ourselves until we can ski the next day.

Unlike the dirty floors in the shitty freezing cities that we slept on throughout this past season, the K2 House is pretty damn G and most likely too nice for us to be staying in. We are still getting used to the quick transition from being homeless to having a huge house, so we’re taking advantage of having TV for the first time, a stocked kitchen, and luxurious hot tub out back.

K2 athletes Shea Flynn, Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, Collin Collins and filmer Connor Scofield are here all summer and will be slow roastin on and off the hill. The parks will be different every week, and when we don’t go to the mountain we will get creative out of bounds. Whatever we do, we’re going to film it, and you should probably watch it.

Here is the first episode of Summer School, an edit of our first eight days here at Mount Hood. The full crew has not yet been assembled, as Sean is still hanging out in high school and Cam dipped to Boulder to work on the 2011 Stept movie for a week, but we’ve been charging the hill daily getting our feet back under us. We will be releasing four episodes including this one over the months of June and July so keep checking in with K2 Skis, Steptproductions.com and Newschoolers to watch us do our thing.

K2 Skis "Summer School" - Episode 1 from Connor Scofield on Vimeo.