It?s that time of year again when all skiers start yearning to feel that click of stepping back into their bindings.  Whether marking off the days on our calendar until the snow falls or discussing rumors about upcoming winter storm cycles, it seems as though everyone is starting to get that itch for cold weather and deep turns.

Hang tight everyone; there is one good thing about this time of year…  ski movie trailers! When you aren?t practicing your snow dance, you can get your saliva glands flowing by checking out the following trailers.  Be advised – we recommend having a pair of spare pants within reach before viewing.

1.) Poor Boyz Productions ? ?Revolver?

Ft. K2 Athletes Pep Fujas & Charley Ager

Synopsis: Revolver, the 2010 film from Poor Boyz Productions, presented by Salomon focuses on the progression and the factors that have coincided with many great advancements of the sport of skiing. (Over the last decade skiing has exploded into what we know it is today. But skiing has had many trying moments long before the end of the 20th century.) This season Poor Boyz Productions plans to showcase today?s raw talents of skiing in a high action, retrospective, yet progressive look at what things are pushing the sport today.

Revolver (Official Trailer) from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.

2.) Teton Gravity Research ? ?Light the Wick?

Ft. K2 Athlete Seth Morrison

Synopsis: The award winning producers at Teton Gravity Research (TGR) present their newest ski film, Light The Wick. Shot using film, HD and 3D technology, Light The Wick is about sparking the flame and watching the world’s best athletes blast off. This year, the TGR crew of athletes and cinematographers were on a mission to capture the most jaw dropping footage to date and give the viewer an experience like no other. This pursuit led the team around the world to uncharted destinations, as well as some of their favorite stomping grounds. Follow the crew as they discover the completely unskiied big mountain mecca of Petersburg, AK, find the best snow Croatia has seen in fifty years, ski deep pillows in Italy, hit full throttle riding in British Columbia, and epic free-riding at Ripley Creek and North Cascades Heli. Don’t miss Sammy Carlson and the Stevens Pass 3D experiment, the first ever 3D snow sports segment. The groundbreaking dual RED One slow motion arial shots will make you want to reach out and touch the action. Light The Wick showcases the most talented and well-rounded athletes in the sport together in one must-see film.

Light The Wick – TGR – Teton Gravity Research – OFFICIAL 2010 Ski Teaser from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

3.)  Matchstick Productions ? ?The Way I See It?

Ft.  K2 Athletes JT Holmes, Michelle Parker, Sean Pettit

Synopsis: Skiing has arrived. MSP Films takes you inside the action with “THE WAY I SEE IT,” featuring several unique perspectives on the progression that took place during the winter of 2010. The winner of Powder Magazine’s 2009 “Movie of the Year” brings you the best athletes on the planet sharing their points of view on what it means to be a skier and backing up their positions with hard-charging action. The MSP team traveled the globe in search of what makes this sport so special… the adventure, the passion, the camaraderie, and the fun. “THE WAY I SEE IT” showcases the greatest deep powder, steep lines, and massive park features from British Columbia, Japan, Alaska, Colorado, Switzerland, Idaho, Washington, and many other locations worldwide.

The Way I See It-Matchstick Productions -OFFICIAL 2010 Ski Teaser from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

4.)  Field Productions – ?Side by Side?

Ft. K2 Athlete PK Hunder

Synopsis: Field Productions is proud to announce their seventh ski movie production, “Side By Side”. With the most influencial and diverse line up of athletes and a bag of unique locations they can assure that this one is their best so far. The movie brings a new look on the urban scene, massive tricks in the terrain parks, intense big mountain skiing on the most scenic locations in Norway. deep blower powder in Haines AK and Interior BC. Shot on the RED One and other HD cameras that results in a crisp high quality experience.

As a viewer, you will get behind the movie set during the movie, with a feeling that you are presence on the location where the action goes down. Get closer to the drama, the reality, and the endless joy that skiing gives you.

SIDE BY SIDE – FIELD PRODUCTIONS from Field Productions on Vimeo.

5.)  4Bi9 Media? ?Gunnie Season?

Ft. K2 athlete Collin Collins

Synopsis: 4BI9 is much more than a film company… It is a movement, a crew, and a group of friends who all share the same passion for skiing. It is our goal to bring you a collection of images that not only give you a perspective of some of the most progressive riding to date, but also remind you just how fun skiing is. Watch as the 4BI9 crew embarks on a new adventure- one of groundbreaking feats, strange people, crazy times and epic proportions. Parks are slayed, handrails shutdown, and backcountry zones shredded until nothing remains.

It is at this time that we proudly present our 4th full-length film, Gunnie Season.

4BI9 Media – Gunnie Season from 4BI9 Media on Vimeo.

6.)  Toy Soldier Productions ? ?Come Find Us?

Ft. K2 Athlete Collin Collins

Synopsis: Toy Soldier Productions will be releasing their first full-length ski & snowboard movie in the Fall of 2010.  Check out and for more information. ?Come Find Us? will feature Shay Lee, Brock Paddock, Cody Perin, Collin Collins, Kyle Miller, Luke Tanaka, Todd Kirby, Alex Adams, Carson Wiser, Nate Falconer, Eric Gronneberg, Parker White, T.J. Andrews, Kevin Fischer, Zak Steele, Dan Darling, A.J. Meldahl, David Steele, Danner Pickering, Adrian Pougiales, Shane Stalling and many more.

“Come Find Us” Official Trailer from Toy Soldier Productions on Vimeo.

7.)  Stan Evans Photography ? ?Say My Name?

Ft. K2 athlete Anna Segal

Synopsis: Say My Name follows female professional skier Grete Eliassen as she travels the globe with the goal to inspire and evolve women?s skiing. Stacked with a handful of skiing?s elite female lineup, this high definition film features Lynsey Dyer, Sarah Burke, Keri Herman, Ana Segal, Kaya Turski and Suz Graham. See the world this international ski superstar roams, from a world record hip jump in 2010 to her exploration of the rugged backcountry.

Say My Name Teaser 2010 from Stan Evans Photography on Vimeo.

7.)  Meathead Films ? ?Work It Out?

Ft. K2 Athletes Sean Jorden and Shea Flynn

Synopsis: From record-breaking 5 foot blizzards in Washington DC to 10 inches of rain in New England, Meathead Films spent the winter of 2010 scouring the East Coast on the hunt for epic days. No matter the weather, the crew was forced to roll with the punches and just work it out. Tag along as their relentless search takes them to the craggy White Mountains backcountry, back alleys of Maine, custom park jumps in New Jersey, and even to the ?Far East? of Hokkaido, Japan on their first ever overseas voyage. Filmed in High Definition, 16mm and Super 8mm film, Work It Out showcases the spirit, creativity, and unwavering determination it takes to be an Eastern skier.


9.)  Voleurz ? ?Look On the Bright Side?

Ft. K2 athlete Matt Margetts

Synopsis: Look on the Bright Side will be available online for free at in November 2010.



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