Went out to Colorado to raise money for breast cancer research and help out with the K2 Pink Chase. Between the 20 plus teams...we raised over $30,000! Over twice as much as we did last year. Of course, I couldn't ski, so I cheered on the teams at the bottom of Keystone and mingled with my long lost friends that take over the Keystone/Breckenridge area at this time of the year.

Leaving my house at 4:30 in the A.M. I managed to get my truck stuck deep into the snow bank. Haven't pulled that one off, but it made for a good laugh once I got on my flight.
Window seat. Not much leg room. At least I'm not as tall as Alex O'brien.
Blacked out.
Saw these two lovebirds. Love them. Got them both mid chew.
And this special guy showed up because he likes boobs.
Nicole made a very special guest appearance.
Clark hung out and sipped coffee.
Anna and Paris helped out and kept me company.
We handed out these stickers and added them up at the days end to see how many vertical feet these ladies skied.
Save second base (team name).
The bunnies.
Mike Powell, the one and only, new father, wig wearing MC was crushing it on the mic.
What a doll.
Group shot!!