I had my first day on skis in a while. Broke my collar bone like 4 months ago, and I twisted my ankle 3 weeks ago! That happened right after my collar bone healed up, just started to feel good again, started skating and doing all the active things I usually do. I was a happy man untill I twisted my ankle skateboarding. So now im trying out a new tactic. Instead of waiting for it to heal 100 % I'll just try to be active and push it back to health, not over push it though!
After a long day at the hill, myself, Daniel Ek, Andreas Wiig and Frode Sanbech fired up the grill and had the sickest BBQ ever!!
Perfect day on skis, only one thing to do to finish it off. BBQ and a couple of beers!
Andreas looking all viking while he's fireing up the grill!New day tomorrowGood night!