... Gangster?Brad Da Silva wrote this about him. So i know this 'Pirate of the Pavement" and we call him 'Justin Ortiz"Shredding mad gnar, doing so with mad steeze Somebody walks up and goes "Man ill kick your ass, serve ya up on a plate!"Then Justin replies "Yo bro, Settle this on the road and ill teach you to skate!"Some slay in the kitchen, in the water, this case the land If you ever need some help, any boarder would glady lend a hand Now you might fall down, get a scrape, but skating means some pain If you dont know where to start, id go to landyachtz or rayne Or check justin, with his videos, skating and some samarai swords With this kiind of entertainment, man nobody would get bored Put it real simple, this bro slays at skating, a super rad dude With a helmet gloves and pads and half covered in tattoo's So my homie, i say keep doing you, and dont change a thing And while you continue skating ill continue to sing!bahahaha peacee suckaa