Dorey put down a respectable first run, scoring 83.00. He faltered on his second run in the best-of-two runs format and ended the night in fourth spot.

Dorey said, ?I?ve been struggling with the pipe all week ? it?s been icy and it?s been hard to hold an edge and my first trick, my double 12, was giving me trouble. So, during training I was really worried, but I managed to put one down in finals; it was sketchy, but I landed it and I?m pretty happy because I have been having a tough time the last few days. I wouldn?t say this result is a huge confidence booster for X [X Games next week] but it definitely makes me more determined to do well there.?

“It?s been a very tough week,?added Dorey

For more vids and pics of the superpie action at Killington Vt. follow the below link.