After being home for a few days we got road sick and decided to hit the road again. Cameron and I decided to head down to Tahoe for a few days to meet up with a couple guys to do some backcountry and urban.The day we headed out the snow changed to rain, which left us with some poor conditions the first couple of days. We made the best of it though and decided to hit a couple urban features in the area...

Everyone should watch Nimbus Webisodes while driving :)
KC Deane Wallriding
We found multiple different features to do on this building.
Haha Umm I dont even know how to caption this...After a couple days in the rain and warmth a couple snow showers hit the area leaving us with some new snow.With the new snow we headed out in the backcountry to hit some jumps and other features.
Unloading the sleds for a day of work.
Casey Krueger Steppin out the lip to this
Climbing the tree to try to get the shot!
Krueger Killing it!We spent a couple of sunny days out in the backcountry hitting various jumps and features. Both KC Deane and Casey Krueger got a good amount of shots on each of the features, making the days of sun successful. The sun and warmth soon left the area. The first day of new weather brought us once again more rain! Thankfully the forecast was calling for several feet of new snow over the next few days...
Snowing!!!!Unfortunately at the beginning of the storm, we ran into some horrible luck...
Picture worth 1000 wordsAn 80 foot tree fell on our sleds and trailer. It turned out my sled was totaled (not covered by insurance), Cameron's sled was damaged, and Cameron's trailer totaled as well.We would not let this slow us down though!Once it started to dump we focused all of our attention at Pillows! We went with KC Deane to some sick spots in the area. The snow was super deep and sometimes up to my chest when i was hiking. On top of that it was still absolutely puking...
Prospective Pillow Line. Yes it was snowing hard.
KC Boosting one of several pillow lines we filmedAfter a full day of filming a bunch of pillows we were hoping for some sun. The next day the snow showers lingered but we were still able to get a couple of different things done. We hit this log right up the street from my parents house last year a few times, but ended up not getting a shot on it. We went back with Christian Mares this year and finally it was a success.
Christian took some awesome falls before getting various shots on the log.After the log we filmed some pillows with Casey Krueger and headed around truckee to find some more things to shoot on. We wanted to head up to an area we know to build some jumps, but we ran into a minor road block...
The road was burried by 2-4 feet of snow!The next day we KC, Jex, and I headed out to a jump spot before the sun rose at around 515 in the morning. The weather was not being friendly and an unexpected white out stopped our day before it even started.We got out to the jump spot at the same time the next morning. We were very excited it was clear, cold, and calm. KC and Jex started hiking to the jump, but shortly after they begun, Jex spotted someone else already on top. It turns out a few snowboarders beat us to the jump by only a few minutes... and yes this was at around 530 in the morning. After that mission failed we quickly headed to another zone. Perfect snow conditions and sunny weather made this day a success.
The Crew using our own two feet. Oh nice sunrise with the fog too.
Scoping out a couple featuresRight when we got up there we banged out a few quick shots on a couple of different features.
Creating a way up.
KC Deane Slashing a tree
Nice little Cheese WedgeAfter skiing numerous lines and building a jump we called it a day and a wrap on the trip. Cameron and I headed back to Oregon to prepare for once again another trip.
I stopped to film a sunset of course.Keep checkin back for updates in the near future as we have some surprises and more good stuff to come!Hmm maybe taking advantage of a loss is a clue?Keep it real and safe fellas!!!Photos and words by Bentley Atteberry and Cameron Fair