Today started good, untill I realized that it was snowing like shit and wind-gusts stronger than two days ago. Me and Thon had a few runs in Breck but headed down after 1,5 hours or so. I also managed to crash into him in the air while following him with a camera.


We had lunch at the appartement, and at the same time we were waiting for our very own park-lane to settle. You see, we had buildt a jump outside our appartement for funzies, and it was all powder-snow, which is not very good making jumps with.

I haven´t had so much fun since I was 14, atleast so I felt while we hit the jump. We have been shooting video all day all week, so it should be interesting to see if we can pull off a decent edit soon.

And this is how you look after hitting a backyard jump. Just like good old days! Perfect!



The guy with a shovel. Notice the ladder to the left in the picture. Mexican low-pay workers were shuffeling snow on the roof all day, making fun of us making a jump. Well buhu, atleast we had fun shuffeling snow. haha.