So I arrived on Campus ten days ago. I am a Junior at St. Olaf College, and am seeking a degree in Social Studies Education. Classes did not start until the 8th, so I worked for the school cafeteria for five days totaling about 30 hours. During that time I saw many friends and kept watch over the incoming freshmen class. My cousin would be one of those freshmen. I convinced her to try the girls ultimate team, as I play for the boys club B team. This is the first year I have a laptop on campus. I used my brothers old iMac for the past two years. I had two auditions for the St. Olaf Orchestra and Philharmonia(Phil) orchestra. I have been a member of the Phil for the past two years, but sadly did not make either orchestra this year. Luckliy for me I tried out for the jazz band and made it into one of them(there are three here). For classes I am taking Mass Media, Human Geography, Political Science(American Politics), Religion 233(God/Autoboigraphy), and Weightlifting. I am also taking string bass lessons. So far my classes are good. I had my first weight training class today and it was intense but well needed. Last thursday night I went to see Doomtree with POS at the Pause. It was really cool, and I'd never really been to a rap concert before. This past weekend I went to a magic show on campus, and then on Saturday night I went to a Pause dance. The Pause is where campus dances or venues are held. Had my first Jazz Band practice tonight and it was fun. Well, I should be going to bed, but I hope to update this as much as I can.