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What’s Hood?

“I advise that you let the video load all the way before you start watching it (it will not lag as much). The file is a very large file, please be patient, it will take a while to load. Turn up the volume on your headphones or speakers to a loud volume for full enjoyment. If you have a slower internet connection try turning “HD off” in the upper right corner of the video.” – Duncan Lake (Junction 133)


* Public Park:

Method Man & Redman ft. Bun B “City Lights”

* Windells Part 1:

Lutan Fyah “Inna Trouble”

* Windells Part 2:

Bonobo “The Plug”

* Wally World:

AZ “Refuse 2 Die”

* Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps:

Devin the Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 “What a Job”

Special Thanks to:

Windells Ski & Snowboard Camps

Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps

All the athletes that killed it this summer

Featuring (alphabetical):

Forest Bailey. Tyler Barnes. Jon Brogan. Bobby Brown. Sammy Carlson. Phil Casabon. Collin Collins. Ahmet Dadali. Adam Delorme. Sean Decker. Liam Downey. Stu Halverson. Henrik Harlaut. Mike Hornbeck. Sean Jordan. Ben Moxham. Bernie Rosow. John Spriggs. Steve Stepp. Dane Tudor. Tom Wallisch. Matt Walker. Parker White. McRae Williams.

Filmed between June 8-August 4 by Duncan Lake (More info at Junction 133)