The good people at Line Skis have teamed up with NS to revamp the Member of the Month contest. Each month a new member receives a prize pack from them and bragging rights for being crowned as the winner. Congrats to this month's MOTM winner Mingg!

Mingg, a fairly new member to NS, has been pretty active since her joining the NS ranks in April of 2014! I'll let Mingg introduce herself here:

"Woah, this is pretty unexpected. I'm not really sure what to say haha but I'm stoked!

Hi friends! I'm Mingg and I've been on Newschoolers for a little over a year now! When I joined I mostly just posted in the forums and whatnot but recently I have been trying to use this site differently. This month I started a series called Schuss n' Ladders which will be a bunch of articles about what we're doing at Schussmeisters to show other areas of the industry that people don't see everyday. Sort of a "behind the scenes" kind of thing! I posted my first article and it got a lot of sick feedback so I'm really stoked on that and I hope I can do more with it!

I've met a bunch of awesome people on here and in just one season I've had the chance to ride with so many new people from all over the world. Since joining Ns my perspective on skiing is so different and I've grown to appreciate all aspects of skiing. I fuckin love it! I got my job basically because of NS and I'm now working for iF3 too, which I wouldn't have ever thought possible. I credit Newschoolers and the people I've met on here for these opportunities, like most definitely. Newschoolers means a ton to me and being the member of the month would just be insane!"

Schuss n' Ladders

Congrats again Mingg!